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In django we can send e-mail using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) service which is inbuilt package in python and also in django.

What is smtp ?

  • is service that provides service to send, receive, and relay outgoing mail between senders and receivers.
  • SMTP service takes your client email address(you can also give multiple email address) which you are using and it is formatted as because let’s take and example Gmail’s SMTP server address is, and Twilio Send Grids is …

  • In this blog we are going to see pipenv, pipenv is new way for us to combine package management with virtual environment, and it is also hignly recommended packaging tool from
  • Basically pipenv is combination of pip and virtualenv

First lets see pip and virtualenv

  1. PIP → pip is a way for us to install addition packages that allows us add a tons functionality that doesn’t exist in python standard library

Example → If you want to do some image manipulation then python might not have the best tools available right out of the box but you can use pip to install pillow library and…

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